HIDELECO Has Achieved Many
remarkable projects either in Egypt or in Arab Countries such as Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Yemen taking into consideration the adaptation to the changing economic situations, the increasing competition and to keep up the best projects execution standard by embarking on a major business transformation initiative through its Enterprise Resource Planning. HIDELECO is now a successfully diversified Electrical and Industrial enterprise and one of the most trusted names in the Middle East .


Execution of Electric power stations projects up to the capacity of 600 M.W

These projects include.
Civil, foundations, mechanical, electrical works and control panels.


Execution of Overhead Transmission Lines up to 500 K.V

These projects include
Site preparation, survey, civil, erection of towers, conductors, final inspection of the line, final tests and connection of the line to the substation portals and electric power transmission works.


Execution of 220/66/11,66/11 kV. Substations

These projects include
Site, excavation, foundations, plain and reinforced concrete, steel structure, building, erection of all equipments, testing and commissioning works plain and reinforced concrete, steel structure, building, erection of all equipments, testing and commissioning works


Execution of 66 kV. Cable laying projects

These projects include
Implementation of electric power for cities and villages transmission lines with aerodynamic medium voltage transformers and internal networks
Power plug,


Execution of Electrical Energy Distribution projects

These projects include
22, 11& 0.4 kV. Overhead Transmission Lines, medium Voltage Distributors, medium and Lower Voltage Distribution Networks


Execution of City and village illumination projects and Rural Electrification

These projects include
Execution of electric power transmission for cities and villages by medium voltages overhead lines, transformers and internal networks.
Conducting electric power connections for rural electrification projects, as irrigation pumps electrification, rural industries electrification, and agricultural development which include transmission lines and transformers.


Execution of Industrial Construction projects

These projects include
Mechanical and Electrical Constructions for Factories, University Hospitals, Pipe Networks, Storage Tanks, Central Air-Conditioning, Elevators, Industrial Gas Lines, Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Networks, Illumination, Internal Broadcasting & Calling Units and Television Closed System Circuits, Steel Structure, Industrial Plants Equipment, Boards, Operation & Control Units, Measurement & Remote-Control Units, Sensors of all types, and their required Networks Cables Works.
Maintenance and integrated overhaul works for power generation units of steam boilers, water purification stations, and sewerage .
Execution of Communications Projects.


Transportation Works

These projects include
The Company owns tremendous varieties of transportation equipment namely cranes, dampers, trailers, trucks..etc. and is entitled for loading, transportation and unloading of heavy equipment up to 250 tons wieght and 90 meters length using heavy trucks and trailers with truck mounted cranes up to 10 tons wieght


Manufacturing of Lattice Towers, Electric Boards and Trailers

These projects include
* Steel structure and equipment required for industrial constructions.
* Lattice towers and their supplements, and lighting columns.
* Low voltage boards, distribution boxes and electrical watt-hour meters.
* Power factors improvement boards.
* Electrical cables ladders.
* Water and cables truck trailers .

Production WorksHops

HIDELECO has three workshops situated at Giza city and Mansoura City.
These workshops are mainly specialized in manufacturing the galvanized tower & columns and it's accessories for the Medium – Voltage and Low- Voltage electric transmission lines. It also manufactures tanks, trusses, frames, racks, chassis... etc and all other metallic products related to electric installations. Besides, both workshops are provided by high efficient mechanics, technicians and outfit to repair any defect for any kind of vehicles and equipments.
The main client for this production is the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and its affiliated authorities & companies.
A new huge workshop of 50 000 M² area is now at 6th of October. This new workshop is already constructed and provided by means of all up- to-date technology. It's planned to step-up the Varity & means of the product by wide steps.

Sectors and services

Customer Service
The company's customer service is a set of practices that aim to enhance the level of customer satisfaction of any sense that the service or product the product has won the customer satisfaction and define more precisely: is the process by which meet the needs and expectations of customers by offering high quality service resulting in satisfaction customers.

Technical Affairs
Develop programs and mechanisms of implementing advanced international standards (engineering, technical) and materials used in the implementation of projects and work on standardization own projects and Vice President for Projects .

Management & Quality
High Dam Electrical & Industrial Projects Co. (HIDELECO) highly qualified management and internationally experienced staff ensure an over lasting projects execution that acquires the satisfaction of all its clients

High Dam Electrical & Industrial Projects Co. (HIDELECO) developed and implemented a Quality management system in order to document the company's best practices, to satisfy requirements and expectations of our customers and continually improve overall management of the company. Quality management system meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001.

Transportation Works
Loading, transportation and unloading of heavy equipment up to 250 tons wieght and 90 meters length using heavy trucks and trailers with truck mounted cranes up to 10 tons wieght .

External Branches
Also we are proud of the great confidence given to our company by the Highest level responsible persons in the field of electricity outside Egypt (The Arab Gamahereya of Libya – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Sultanate Oman – The Republic of Algeria – The Kingdom of Morocco – The Republic of Yemen- Sudan). The company has exerted big efforts in the construction of Electrical Projects in those fraternal countries and with high efficiency which has placed it in a superior rank among other international specialized companies.

Procurement sector
The company has a specialized department to deal with suppliers in the framework of tenders based on the technical specifications for each project and we have suppliers in Egypt and the world.

The safety policy will be carried out according to guidelines established and published in the related procedures. Each supervisor will be responsible for meeting all requirements of the safety policy, for maintaining an effective accident prevention effort within his or her area of responsibility and to ensure that all accidents are thoroughly investigated and reported to Responsible Person(s) immediately.