HIDELECO was established on July 1971. The majority of its staff are those experienced and contributed in the High Dam Projects i.e. the installation of the hydro-electric power station (12x175 MW) and the extra high voltage substations and overhead transmission lines of 500, 220 & 132 KV.

HIDELECO received tremendous varieties of construction and transportation equipment used in the execution of the High Dam Projects, namely, cranes, dampers, trailers, trucks ... etc.

HIDELECO executed many important projects either in Arab Republic of Egypt (A.R.E.) or Arab Countries (Libya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman Sultanate, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Morocco Kingdom) with high efficiency and precision. (See Our Clients)

The projects are classified in the following :

  • Power stations either thermal or hydro .
  • Substations of different voltages up to 500 KV .
  • Overhead transmission lines up to 500 KV .
  • Laying under ground cables up to 132 KV.
  • Industrial projects .
  • Pumping stations either for irrigation or sewage purposes .
  • Rural electrification .
  • Medium & Low voltage distribution systems in new cities .
  • Network .

The company is entitled for the following :

  • Execution of civil works in case of complete projects.
  • Loading, transportation and unloading of heavy equipment up to 250 tons wieght and 90 meters length using heavy trucks and trailers with truck mounted cranes up to 10 tons wieght .

  • Customs clearance for equipment .
  • Testing and operation trials .

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Interview of Philippe Le Hégaret about Video codec

Hideleco News

July.18, 2022
Direct Order No. 23/2021/2021 Execution of Opening of the Overhead Line ND2/S1 Voltage 220 KV Double Circuit Three Conductor Lot 3

Ministry of Justice

Interview of Philippe Le Hégaret about Video codec

Interview of Philippe Le Hégaret about Video codec

Interview of Philippe Le Hégaret about Video codec

About Us

High Dam Electrical & Industrial Projects Co. (HIDELECO)
(HIDELECO) has succeeded to execute its policy, to realize its goals and solidify its existence inside Egypt since it was established in 1971 by the arms of those men who shared in this magnificent construction "the High Dam".

Chairman and Managing Director
May Allah helps us to exert the best of our endeavor for the welfare of our country and our Arab Nations

Compliments and appreciation from HIDELECO

Eng. Gamal Abdel-Rahim Yasin Qasem

CEO and Managing Director
Eng. Tamer Abdullah Saeed Abu Al-Ezz