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Our Activities

I- Electric Power Generation:

Complete installation of Hydro-steam, Gas and Diesel Power Plants.

The Power Generation Plants Sector of the company includes the construction and erection of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control system for hydro-steam, Gas and Diesel systems beside Custom Clearance and Transportation.


The various departments of the plants sectors of the company are responsible for:

  • The preparation of the local works proposals in compliance with customer's satisfaction.
  • The purchase and transportation of equipment and materials to site.
  • The management supervision and direction of the construction works at site in close coordination with the customer and supplier's representatives.
  • The commissioning and provisional taking over. During more than ten years experience in the field of electrical power generation,HIDELECO has participated in major projects all over Egypt either a subcontractor or a main contractor in turnkey projects.


II- Transmission lines & distribution of electric power:

Design and construction of ultra high, high, medium and low voltage Substations, Overhead and Underground Transmission Lines as well as Distribution Systems.


III- Industrial plants:

Installation of mechanical and electrical equipment including associated civil engineering works for iron; cement plants, conveyor systems, waste and sewage treatment plants, water treatment, portable water plants & pumping stations as well as many others types of industrial plants.


IV- Civil works:

Excavation, earth moving foundations, construction of industrial buildings, etc

V- Rural electrification:

Complete rural electrification projects for different zones, street lighting, etc


VI- Transportation:

Loading, transportation and unloading of heavy equipment up to 300 tons and 180 meter length each, using heavy truck tractors and trailers with truck mounted cranes up to 150 ton.


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